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Indie, Rock

band members

Tom Dickins - Vocals, Keys, Guitar Stive Collins - Drums Thomas Devery - Electric Guitar James Devery - Acoustic Guitar Gemma O'Connor - Vocals, Tambourine Sally Christiansen - Vocals, Ukelele



Tom Dickins & The Punintentionals have a unique presence and sound. They have been described as eccentric, plaintive, cerebral, detached, emotional, melancholic, amiable, autumnal, cathartic, dramatic, passionate, quirky, reflective, theatrical, earnest, ethereal, witty, hypnotic, intimate, literate, joyous, bittersweet, fun, playful, romantic, sentimental and stylish. So basically it's indie alternative... The band formed to record Dickins' debut solo record "A Brief Case of Madness" and consists of Tom Dickins; his voice and his 70's electric piano, two additional back up singers; Sally Christiansen & Gemma O'Connor, two guitarists; Thomas & James Devery and everyone's favourite member of the band; Stive Collins on drums. The album is created from a selection of over a hundred original songs penned by Dickins over the last decade, kept in a red briefcase. A successful crowd-funding campaign in May 2012 allowed the album to become financially possible. The campaign reached the $10,000 target in less than 10 hours, and went on to raise a total of $25,600 over a month. The backers of the campaign were invited to contribute to the album via access to an exclusive online forum. The Group have provided feedback, ideas, inspiration and support - forming a process that firmly speaks to Dickins belief in community. The album will be launched on 16 August at The Spotted Mallard in Brunswick.