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Sounds like

Austen Tayshus, John Prine, Todd Snider

band members

Tom Dockray - vocals, guitar Matt Alford - vocals, guitar Thomas Reeve - Bass Andy McClean - Harmonica


Dan Waters, John Prine, Wagons

Unearthed artists we like

Oh Pep!, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, Sheriff, Harry Hookey


Arguably the greatest old-time blues picker ever to hail from the isle of Tasmania, Tom Dockray is a unique wordsmith and author of song.

Dockray regularly hitch-hikes with his National guitar about the American deep south where his music, which sits somewhere between Americana heir-apparent Justin Townes Earle and iconic 80’s Australian comedian Austen Tayshus, is met with respect and praise.

Closer to home Dockray, with his band The Dockadoodledoos has been cultivating a lively following with the combination of swagger, syrupy vocal and beautiful guitar picking that comes along once every so often.

Dockray has spent most of 2015 so far authoring and recording his debut full-length album, One Finger Salute. Imbued with his characteristic wit and knack for observation, One Finger Salute takes aim at the crooked politicians and exploitative businesses perpetuating the social, environmental and economic injustices so often seen in Dockray’s home states of Tasmania and Victoria.

With One Finger Salute ready for release in December 2015, strong community radio airplay, and a growing base of dedicated fans, Melbourne’s ‘most exciting solo acoustic artist’ (Dan Watt, Beat TV) is a unique and exciting newcomer for fans of guitar picking and songwriting alike.