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Indie, Pop

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Tom Kline - vocals, guitar, piano


Tom Kline tells stories. The Melbourne based singer songwriter has a knack for seeing the perspective of a character and then writing a lyric that tells that characters story. It’s been a constant in his style of song-writing, notably with the songs that comprised his debut EP ‘Vintage Loneliness’ recording produced in 2013 with Grammy Award winning producer Francois Tetaz.

That said a few things got in the way of progressing with his music when Tom and his partner had their first and then second child with Tom having to prioritise his day job as a wine merchant. Tetaz also relocated to Los Angeles which left Tom needing to find new collaboration for his recording.

One of the new songs to come out of this hiatus was a song that Tom has written very much from the first person. 'The Cure' is a song that tackles the very personal, but very widely known feelings of anxiety and depression.

With the assistance of producer/arranger Simon Starr and a group of talented players, Tom has captured this sensitive subject with honesty, bravery and a rich ambient, melodic sound. Recorded by James Black at his studio and later mixed by Michael Letho - the result is a sophisticated subtle sound dedicated to the sentiment in the song.

Tom’s piano part holds the basis for the songs overall sound. A gentle hint of bass, brass and strings envelopes the song as it builds. For the video to accompany the song filmmaker Peter Miller took an equally honest, confronting approach. Dominated by a full close up of Tom performing the song the video also includes mysterious archival and graphic images.