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Roots, Rock

Sounds like

Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, leonard cohen

band members

Tom Woodward - Guitar / Vocals Session Musicians: Aaron Peacey - Slide Guitar Marcus Hayward - Percussion Andrew Dalziell - Backup Vocals, Cello Simon Connolly- Back up Vocals and Electric Guitar


Robert Johnson, Lou Reed, neil young


Tom Woodward is the singer / songwriter for three bands: The Mating Season, The Henchmen & Weekend of Noise. He also records and performs as a solo artist. He is heavily inspired by the voice of Jacques Brel, the words of Kurt Vonnegut & the movies of Werner Herzog. Often compared to Bob Dylan in his looks and style, Tom likes to think of himself as more of a seventies punk rocker who just happens to express his vomit-laden soul with an acoustic guitar instead of a distortion pedal and a two piece backing band (though his band The Mating Season incorporates all these things).