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Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

bon iver, The streets, tom waits, the mint chicks, nine inch nails

band members

Tomi Gray



'Tomi Gray is a delightfully bizarre young man, mutli-instru-mental musician and writer who lives in a tin shed full of musical equipment and geckos on the Australian Gold Coast. There, he brings to life his fantasy buffet, explores internet conspiracy rabbit holes and investigates the probability of mushrooms allowing a person to move objects with their thoughts alone. He has banked over 200 demos to date, is a published children's author and satisfactory face painter. *He enjoys walkies.

His debut studio album 'Prolifia' is complete and currently being scrutinised to establish the best possible release strategy. He is also co-writing this in the third person.
Therefore, Hello.'

*Bio co-written by my dog.