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Rock, Punk

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Tomorrow Rising

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Callum Parr - Vocals, Steff Esposito - Guitar, Kierren Mason - Guitar, Jacob Bosley - Bass, Max Lambert - Drums



Facebook: Youtube: Bandcamp: Tomorrow Rising are a Punk Rock/Alternative band from Adelaide, Australia who let their music do the talking. Armed with ambition and their powerful, catchy songs the five piece has a DIY attitude and a passion for music that they envisage will impact the local music scene and eventually, the world.

 They say when one door closes, a better door opens and such was the case for band members Max, Steff, Jacob, Callum, and Kierren. Roaring from the ashes of their previous high school bands, Tomorrow Rising are ready to step out of the jam room and reignite the music scene with their in your face, rock and roll set.

Drawing Inspiration from legends such as blink 182, Rise Against, Nirvana and Silverchair; this artistic five piece is all about authenticity and letting their contagious songs speak for themselves. If Biffy Clyro and Rise Against had a baby, Tomorrow Rising would be it’s best friend in high school. 

After only months of working together, they entered The ‘Schoolies Battle of the Bands’ competition and played to an audience of over 2,000 people. Facing a festival overrun with electronic dance music, they brought with them a pure rock set and an energy that won them not only new fans, but the competition as well. The band didn’t stop there but went on to hone their act and develop a purity of sound that has the support bands crowd surfing and the audience singing along. 

2013 saw big things with an invitation back to the Schoolies Festival for a set on the main stage and the band in the studio working on their debut 5-track EP. Mastered by Joey Sturgis and set for a summer release, the self titled EP is expected to be an example of excellence that the band envisage will bring with it opportunities to support bigger bands and tour interstate. With aspirations almost as big as their sound, this band is amassing a following and rising to all expectations along the way.



22 Jul 2013


Brilliant sound,...

Brilliant sound, love the guitar work mor plz :)

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11 Jul 2013


Sweet sound keep...

Sweet sound keep it up!!

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29 Jun 2013


Awesome song =)<...

Awesome song =)