Artist info


Pop, Punk

Sounds like

New Found Glory, Paramore, Unwritten Law

band members

Jake Hardy - Guitar, Jenna McDougall - Vocals, Whakaio Taahi - Guitar, Cameron Alder - Bass, Matt Best - Drums


A Wilhelm Scream, Lagwagon, Fall Out Boy


Tonight Alive is a young / new pop/punk band from Sydney Australia We have already been lucky enough to share the stage with some of our favourite Australian bands, and tour around the country with many international acts, some being idols, and amazing bands. Fronted by 17 year old Jenna Mcdougall, the band formed completely in early 2009, after 3 long years of writing, creating and becoming the most passionate musicians/friends... Along with Jenna, guitarist and bass player Whak and Cam plus guitarist and drummer Jake and Matt started writing the songs which started the Tonight Alive Buzz thats hitting the streets of Sydney as well the rest of Australia. The band will release their debut 8 Track "All Shape and Disguises" - JUNE 14th 2010!!! Check out and for pre order options!!! Thank you for your amazing / honest feed back, shout outs, and fuck yous. ... we love it. xx ** YOU CAN PRE-ORDER OUR LIMITED EDITION VERSION OF "ALL SHAPES AND DISGUISES" FROM MAY 10TH ONWARDS..... PLEASE CHECK MYSPACE.COM/TONIGHTALIVE or MYSPACE.COM/COLLATERALMANAGE TO GET YOUR COPY (SIGNED AND WITH A BONUS SONG!!)