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Pistols, alex harvey band, Ramones


LONG HAIRED LOUT. email; youtube: lhl58 Anthony Francis Steele- is Long Haired lout. The name came from my days at Australia Post (perth), as my hair did (and still does) make me stand out. instruments played; Bass guitar Rythum guitar/Lead guitar/slide guitar Mandolin Percussion/keyboards Lead vocals Backing vocals. I have been involved in the music/entertainment industry for some years as a performer,stage manager,lighting tech, FOH,stage sound, session musician, and then some...and these have taken me on some travells......To London (to record), and to many parts of Western Australia as a touring musician, and stage manager and crew member, and some trips to the east coast, where I am now based,(Cobar, N.S.W.). I have my own home studio which i record and write with, and with 6 lucky numbers.......well i need say no more. All tunes written by A.F.STEELE All instruments, percussion,vocals and production by A.F.STEELE for Longhairedlout Productions. For more information email; youtube; lhl58 Anthony Francis Steele long haired lout...