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Sounds like

Tonight Alive, Evanescence, Baroness, Tesseract

band members

Mish Sharma - Vocals & Keys Sarah Allen - Guitar Max Coop - Bass Aaron Hose - Drummer Management - Hard Drive Agency Bookings - Miles Knox Press - Mish Sharma Producer - Robb Torres, LA Mastering - Ian Sefchick, Capitol Records USA Photography, Graphic Design & Video Editing - Sarah Allen


Mastadon, Evanescence, Haken, Tonight Alive, Gojira, Flyleaf



Brisbane rock powerhouse Torizon unleashed their unique blend of alternative rock upon the Australian heavy music scene in 2019. Produced by Robb Torres (Robbery Inc., Trapt) and Capitol Records, the quartet interweaves raw and emotive melodies with heavy-hitting groove. Incorporating influences such as Baroness, Evanescence, Flyleaf, and Lacuna Coil, Torizon has created a distinctive sound with staying power. Even the band's name has special significance: "Torizon" is derived from the words torsion and event horizon in black holes. Vocalist Mish Sharma explains, "The coupling between spin and torsion generates a gravitational repulsion responsible for an event horizon and singularity. From a personal point of view, when life is difficult, it can feel like you are being sucked in a black hole -- but it's important to remember that there is a horizon at the end of it all."

Since releasing the groundbreaking EP Singles Collection, the band has grown their audience with the singles “Burning Away'“, "Hey You" and "Find My Way Out," gaining worldwide coverage and airplay. Torizon’s live shows are as unique as their music - raw and powerful, delivering an immersive visual and auditory experience from the first song to the closer. Furthermore, each member's individual skills in photography, videography, recording, sound engineering, and marketing come together to create a determined DIY force that's sure to make a mark far beyond the band's Brisbane home. With Australian and East Asia tours on the horizon and plans to record their debut album in Los Angeles, the band has busy months ahead of them once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.