Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Mazzy Star, Marine Girls, The Breeders, Joe Pernice

band members

Tracey Read, Hugh Jennings, Matt Geary, Steven Rea


Wilco, Pernice Brothers, Mia Schoen


Tracey Read is the singer/songwriter for Perth band The Wine-Dark Sea

• Tracey Read has been writing and performing music since the mid 90s in Perth, Western Australia. With 4
previous solo album releases, and a 7” single, released through Chapter Music. Her first self titled solo album
was released through Sydney label H Records in 1996

• Something About the Light is Tracey’s 5th full-length independent solo release, recorded by talented Perth
musician Hugh Jennings who contributed the bulk of the accompanying instrumentation and production.

• Before forming The Wine-Dark Sea in 2010, Tracey Read’s solo career took her to the USA touring for 6 weeks,
playing 17 cities with US band Boyracer and Melbourne’s independent darling Mia Schoen.

• Her sold out solo album Everything is Real (Chapter Music, 2001) was the Melbourne radio station, Triple R
feature album upon release.

• Tracey will be releasing Something About the Light at the Bassendean Hotel on the 9th of November with her
‘solo band’ Hugh Jennings, Matt Geary and Steven Rae

• Followed by a performance on the 15th of November at her latest group exhibition, ‘Everything and Nothing’

• Later in the month she will be teaming up with Catherine Traicos for a double album launch in Fremantle, on the
23rd of November

A tour of the eastern states to promote the album is in the pipeline for January 2020.