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Indie, Punk, Rock

band members

Dylan Patrick - Vocals/Guitar Curtis Hodgetts - Drums Mark Fletcher - Guitar Jesse Hollow - Bass


LOSER, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys



After three single releases in 2020 and performing live on radio in studios from Launceston all the way to Brisbane, Trafalgar Drive are now hitting stages all across the country.

Trafalgar Drive are a cumulation of several years of jumping project-to-project. The roots of this band stretch way back to early 2014.

From the strings and sticks of Dylan Patrick (Offset Vision, Art of Surviving, Isa), Jesse Hollow (Isa), Mark Fletcher (Offset Vision, Art of Surviving), and Curtis Hodgetts (The Disorders), Trafalgar Drive were finally born into life in the first week of 2020.

Having already played a nice block of shows at the start of 2021 with artists such as Enola Fall, Verticoli, and The Buzz Kills, Trafalgar Drive are not slowing down any time soon.

2021 is the year of Trafalgar Drive:
Signing with Sink/Swim Music in Melbourne is just the beginning, there's a LOT to be announced soon.
The guys are currently in the studio putting together their debut EP, which is being mixed and mastered by Outback Recordings in Germany.