Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Wolf Parade, Beirut, Brakes

band members

Paul Donoughue - Vox/Guitar/Drum, Oliver Mackay - Guitar/Vox, Rohan Cooper - Drum/Guitar/Vox, Yeo Choong - Bass/Vox - Chrissie Trabucco - Keys/Vo


The Dismemberment Plan, Pavement, Wolf Parade

Unearthed artists we like

Big Strong Brute, Yeo, Bang!Bang!Aids!


As teenagers, impressive from their 2005 debut supporting My Disco, Tragic/Athletic – then just old school friends Rohan, Paul and Ollie - made loud, abrasive music that followed no real pattern and appeared like cut and pasted bits of frantic energy. It was partly instrumental and confrontational. The mini-album It Was Tragic, They Were So Young was self-released in December 2006, and ended up jerking that disheveled, brazen energy from their system. Now ‘BRAKES’ sees the band take huge steps forward from their youthful beginnings to tackle more song-based ideas, with a continued emphasis on clean instrumentation, but a greater willingness towards melody and strong composition. They laid down the four tracks in Paul’s vacant old Queenslander in June last year, following the inclusion of Yeo (Yeo & The Fresh Goods) on bass. The last year has been quiet for the band, with members stretching their personal lives across continents. Now they have recouped, added keyboardist Chrissie (Kissy Trouble Company) to keep things interesting, and are keen to support the new EP. BRAKES was released through the band’s own vinyl-only imprint MOUNTFIELD RECORDINGS in July and is now available in Brisbane through Rockinghorse Records, with other stores in other cities to follow.