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Rock, Indie

band members

James Watson - Bass, Vocals | Tyler Shilling - Drums, Vocals | Joel Woods - Guitar


Beck, Yeasayer, Queens Of The Stone Age

Unearthed artists we like

the medics, Greenthief, Founds, The Orchard, CELADORE


Tramp Fiesta is made up of three fresh young talented faces from the Brisbane music scene. But don’t let the word young deceive you. What simply started out as a small collaborative project between Bassist and Lead Vocalist James Watson and Guitarist Joel Woods has turned into an all out assault on the local scene. With Tyler Shilling recruited as Drummer and a second Vocalist to the outfit the band has been able to set their sights on creating music with no genre limitations. The band produces an Eclectic Rock Style that crosses several different genres including Latin, Polka, Gypsy and Conventional Rock. Whilst the band have only been playing live for a bit over a year, they have racked up a great deal of well received shows including Headlining shows at Tempo Hotel, X&Y Bar and Club 299. With positive reviews from local street press such as Rave Magazine stating that “The trio have admirable chops (the rhythm section being particularly flashy)”. The band can only continue to rise and be ready for anything that awaits them. Their catchy hooks and impressive live show will suck you in, and the party rhythms will have you dancing all night long!


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

28 May 2012

Triple J

I can imagine this would be so fucking fun live. I'm liking it.

I can imagine this would be so fucking fun live. I'm liking it.