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Electronic, Indie, Pop

band members

Emma Stephenson - Piano, Vocals, Composition Oli Nelson - Drums, Production

Unearthed artists we like

Ollie Thorpe



Hello! We are Trash Can Dream, a duo of New York-based Aussie expats and yes, we're a couple! ! Our band is named after a line in Elton John's 'Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters', a song about the bittersweet polarities of opportunity and struggle in NYC, and being 'thankful' for the 'people that I have found'. We resonate with the sentiments expressed in this song, and regret that we couldn't invoke Aussie terminology and call the band 'Rubbish Bin Dream', but you know, who would take a band with that name seriously?

Trash Can Dream's music blends modern jazz with electronic, indie songwriting. Having both majored in jazz performance at university, but also branched out into many other genres, the two of us share a similar aesthetic but very divergent skill sets. It is probably fair to say that these skill sets would be entirely dysfunctional were they not able to complement one another. Emma is a PhD student, an avid non-fiction reader, a perpetual podcast listener, a writer of songs and essays - a real 'ideas man, Steve.*' Oli is a man who, apart from a life-long love affair with the drum kit, thoroughly enjoys surmounting technological challenges and executing entrepreneurial visions in cyberspace.

We have played music together ever since we met as teenagers, and now we want to really push our own original stuff, and dive into the 21st century landscape which really encourages artists to release new content on a frequent basis.

*For the non-aussies, see the masterpiece 'The Castle'.