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Sounds like

Motley Crue, The Cult, Guns N Roses

band members

Kym Robey-Vocals,Jaime Horsburgh-Guitar, Adrian Smith-Bass, Mike Letts-Drums


Motley Crue , The Cult, Guns N Roses


Originally formed quite a few years ago in Adelaide, South Australia; Trash City came together when four long-black-haired LA rock fans bumped into each other in a dark nightclub (the Adelaide version of LA's infamous Cathouse). It was the fact that all four looked the same and shared a love of the same bands that they decided to form a band. They later worked out who could actually play what instrument! As time went on, the band members' varied other musical influences helped to shape the Trash City sound as they enjoyed playing in the exciting rock scene at that time. After a couple of years of constant gigging, Trash City decided to take a minor hiatus during which the band members were all involved in a range of musical projects including the industrial/electronic rock act VNB (featuring Kym, Jaime and Adrian) which toured nationally and released the CD 'The Future is Now' in 2002. As for now, Trash City are back together and enjoying the post-grunge rock revival which has seen a fresh, new, young crowd emerge who can appreciate the old school hard rock bands with attitude who were momentarily deemed 'un-cool' during the short lived grunge era. In recent months Trash City has been very busy gigging in Adelaide, playing some high energy shows including some sold out gigs with The Screaming Jets.