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Punk, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Captain Beefheart, Dead Kennedys, Iggy and the Stooges

band members

Current Members: Pat Trash Neale Jones Al McCarthy Michael Vandervern Previous Members: Grant Tyers


Captain Beefheart, Sex Pistols, Charlie Musselwhite, Dead Kennedys, Tom Waits, Eddy Current , Dead Boys, Iggy and the Stooges, Dr John



When Trash & The Treasures first took to the stage at the Oaktree Tavern in The Basin announcing they were Blues-Punk, the host was agog “Well what is it boys? Punk or Blues? You can’t play both.”
Well... we’ll see.
T&TT combine frantic, angry punk rhythms with mighty harmonica powered blues wailing. Lyrics feature a shouty tragic protagonists who lurches between eloquent Shakespearean melodrama and snarling profanities. There are outbreaks of psychedelic jam, snatches of ska and some heavy, heavy vibes. Somehow though it still makes you want to dance.
Fronted by a musical outsider who goes by the moniker Pat Trash. Not a particular fan of ‘this kind of music’ Pat would be much happier in some kind of folk ensemble where he could sing bush ballads or some bullshit. As it is, he shouts and rages against his plight like a wounded lion and wails on his poor old harmonica like it was a broken party whistle.
Van Treasure is a guitar slinging surfer wild man. He brings a boisterous energy to stage and garnishes his solid rhythm work with masterful haute cuisine solos. Van is a multi-instrumentalist, gifted artist and has the voice of an angel but he's not allowed to sing because it makes Pat sound bad.
Al plays the bass. He is a truly gifted musician and should probably be playing a lead guitar, if not for the fact that his solos would be so intricately Mandelbrotian that humanity would be in danger of disappearing up its own arsehole. As it is he operates underneath the radar, weaving an intellectual throbbing backbone to the songs. Pumping out some solid grooves and giving the musicians’ musician in the audience something to chew on.
Neale comes from Wales by way of Manchester. He has a shadowy rockabilly past and sported a mean teddy boy quiff until the follicles gave out. Neale rides the drums hammers out the coda and holds the band together - keeps them in line. He has an infectious spirit of fun that lives and breathes in the music.
Trash & The Treasures are playing regular gigs around Melbourne's finest dive bars and pumping out new material on a regular basis.