Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Metallica, Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect

band members

Cail Baroni - Vocals Steve Christo - Lead Guitar Tim Burns - Rhythm Guitar Cam Wilkins - Bass Adam Swoboda - Drums


Freestate, Electric Mary, Metallica


From the ground up TREAD is a real band - no gimmicks. The band’s attack and tone pay tribute to rock and metal roots, while the songwriting perpetuates forward in hook riddled melodies begging for the masses. The Melbourne based five piece are shaking rooms with their current live campaign, blowing away audiences and growing their loyal fan base with every show. A proudly independent force, TREAD’s respect for their growing family is instantly recognizable at any live show… between the stage and floor an almost tangible energy is felt the instant the band step out. TREAD’s undying work ethic and raising of the bar has finally culminated in the release of their landmark debut album ‘Rise From Silence’. Fusing heavy riffs, gripping dynamics and manic vocal melodies flipping from pitch perfect falsetto to primal scream in a heartbeat, TREAD have forged themselves a signature sound nothing short of colossal in magnitude. Burns, Wilkins and Swoboda form Tread’s commanding rhythm section – a muscle-laden force built from raw energy. Christo’s solos weave through the punchy soundscape exuding not only speed and precision but thoughtful melody. Front man Cail Baroni’s majestic vocals resonate through rhythmic phrasing and harmonies; his vocals carrying the same sheer honesty and purity his lyrics convey… only to be juxtaposed tonally by the brutality of his scream. This year TREAD finished recording their debut album ‘Rise From Silence’ at Lighthill Sound Studios with producer Ricki Rae. TREAD is endorsed by Paiste Cymbals, Mesa Boogie, Eten Clothing & Goregeous Threads.