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Sounds like

Pink Floyd, Mogwai

band members

Josh Shipton - Bass Guitars & Voice, Carl Greenham - Guitars, Voice, Harmonica & Radio Transmitter, Wilton - Drums


Pink Floyd, Mogwai


TRIANGLE are a 3 piece Sydney band formed in 2001. Formed with the ideals of virtuosity and freedom in sound. The members are all highly skilled practitioners of their chosen instruments and have an extremely high level of trust in each other which allows for a band free of infighting and egos. Josh has been playing in many bands for the last 12 years including Box Freezer Romance (where he met Carl), Cell Divide, Kinderschmerzen and his current two side projects Lecter Macabre and The Marquis De Sound. Carl is currently also working with Box Freezer Romance and is a guitarist unlike any other. It almost makes you feel dirty watching this man play. He has incredible skill and the ability to make a guitar sound like anything he desires. Wilton is possibly the most gentle human being in the world but when he's behind a drumkit most people won't believe that. He is an animal with no cage and often stuns people with his energy, skill and violence. Together we are TRIANGLE...a band that sounds a little bit like everybody whilst sounding like no one else could. We have had an 18 month residency at the Lansdowne Hotel in Chippendale known as "TRIANGLE's Sideshow Alley" that we act as performers and curators for. Our debut album is nearing completion and is scheduled for release in summer 2006. TRIANGLE...a band to change the course of human history...