Artist info


Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

rx bandits, muse, rage against the machine, sublime

band members

Paulo Gonzalez - Guitar & Vox / Martin Gonzalez - Bass / Daniel Silvestri - Guitar / Sofia Varano - Drums


rx bandits, muse, rage against the machine, sublime



TRIANGLE FIGHT are brothers Paulo & Martin Gonzalez, Sofia Varano, and Daniel Silvestri.
They formed in 2011 in Perth, Western Australia, and have achieved underground success in the local live scene as well as gathered a strong following in Mexico and South America due to a quirk in Facebook's algorithm.

Commonly described as a "Party-Rock" band, they possess a signature sound that drops jaws, and sets dance floors on fire. Renowned for cleverly fusing several musical styles resulting in a uniquely energetic style that bashes out like punk, yet is highly technical as they experiment with complex poly-rhythms and musical patterns.

Their influences include other genre transcending bands like Sublime, MUSE, and RX Bandits.
They released their first self-titled album Triangle Fight in (2012), with which they toured Melbourne in the same year. And have since released 2 more independent studio releases: Silver Mountain EP (2015) and The Blood Giant: A Temporal Cantata (2018)

All releases over the years have been accompanied by self-produced music videos which are all available online. However, Notably, they created a very ambitious film project for their 2018 ARG concept album 'The Blood Giant: A Temporal Cantata', which was premiered at Luna Cinemas to a sold out screening event.

Currently they are touring regional shows around WA, while preparing for their upcoming release which is set to launch in October 2019

Triangle Fight are a band with insatiable desire to electrify audiences with their explosive live shows and introduce the world to their fresh take on rock music.