Artist info


Hip Hop

Sounds like

hilltop hoods, TZU, Downsyde

band members

Fuzz - MC, Production J2k - MC Mikey - Bass, Producion Ash - Beats DJ Busy - Producion, Cuts Typhoon - Horns


Ugly Duckling, Pigeon John, The Roots

Unearthed artists we like

Still Thinking, Amalgamated Artistry


After six years of solid performances, Countless sold out shows, national tours and more members than your local bowls club, Adelaide outfit, A Tribe Is Forming (ATF) have established themselves at the forefront of the original music scene. ATF are a 6 piece hip hop collective, consisting of 2 MC’s, and a combination of both live and sampled instruments, who’s high energy shows have earnt them a reputation as a MUST SEE act. Smoothly mixing a menagerie of live bass, trumpet and drums, laced with sampled jazz and funk tunes, ATF are guaranteed to get the crowd moving To date this completely independent and original band have recorded, produced and sold-out three releases, of which five songs have received national airplay on JJJ, as well as various other stations. ATF where also fortunate enough to be selected as JJJ “Next Crop” artists, and also had songs featured on Ripcurls latest surfing DVD “Windows”. ATF’s broad musical appeal is testament to the acts that they have been privileged to play alongside of. Some of these artists include Xavier Rudd, Downsyde, The Herd, Hilltop Hoods, Kool Keith, Kut Master Kurt, Ozi Battler, Deceptikonz, just to name a few. With their highly anticipated new album currently being recorded, and national tours planned for the coming year, the future looks bright for A Tribe Is Forming.