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Hip Hop, Roots

Sounds like

RZA, A tribe called Quest, gangstarr

band members

Nader Mustafa - rapper and producer


Public Enemy, de la soul, gangstarr


tripl M.U.M raps about truth, equality and freedom, both generally and specifically, hence addressing civil rights issues in defence of the defenceless is never far from his rhyme focus. The tongue-in-cheek approach is the preferred method, the ultimate goal is achieving peace through thought. Comfortable dwelling in the underground, tripl M.U.M began developing his skills cyphering in groups of multi ethnic immigrant minority kids (MEIMK) local to where he grew up in South Hedland, Koondoola and St James, Western Australia. This was during the golden age of hip hop when every ethnic kid alive was buzzing that they could finally be a part of a culture that was made up of a struggle familiar. tripl M.U.M was no different and picked up the pen, practised his rhymes and it was in that formative period he began to study the old codes of speech and delivery performed by a host of artists that spanned many genres and cultures. It was there tripl M.U.M formed the style we know him by today.