Artist info


Electronic, Indie, Rock

Sounds like

ben howard, jack garratt, john butler

band members

Tristan - Vocals, Guitar, Production


Tristan Smith is a vocalist, guitar player and producer from Sydney. His music combines delicate guitar work with soaring melodies, drawing on a wide field of inspiration in an attempt to create a moving and well-rounded sound.

In 'Break at Sea', a rollicking guitar line and thumping kick pull the listener along on a ride reminiscent of summer nights spent dancing around a beach fire. Good vibes and smoke in the eyes.

The space and simplicity of 'Oh My Mind' gradually opens over the course of three minutes into a complex landscape of sound; airy keys and a dynamic vocal contrast with deep wavy bass and a soaring lead guitar.

'Chemicals' is a light vocal and pulsing bass line hauled along by a beat that constantly threatens to trip up the whole track. Delicate harmonies and the occasional belter punctuate a track that slips along enticingly.

The 'Downtune' EP is his first release.