Artist info


Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Ramones, The Misfits

band members

James | Georgia | Rowan | Laura | Past member: Jackson


The Ramones, The Troggs, The Nerves, The Replacements

Unearthed artists we like

Wet Lips, Moaning Lisa, Nun of the Tongue, Melbourne Cans


Formed during a camping trip in mid-2015, Melbourne four-piece The Tropes have built a reputation for delivering rich and hooky rock ’n’ roll. James Mclean’s vocals have a warmth and Ramones-like depth to them. Jackson Payne’s guitar is bright and sharp-edged, fast-forwarding through guitar-pop history to borrow as much from the Kinks as from the Replacements. Strong rhythmic assistance comes from Rowan Docherty on bass and Wet Lips’s Georgia Ehrlich who rounds things out behind the kit, providing a frenetic counterpoint to Mclean’s smooth as butter vocal melodies. A recent line-up shift sees Laura Saba replace Payne on guitar. Two recently released singles (“Bottom of the Ocean” and “Didn’t Want you to Know”) offer a taste of their forthcoming debut album “Bottom of the Ocean”, which set for release in 2018 and acts as a snap-shot of the band’s lifespan so far.