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Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

Like, Nothing, before

band members

Daniel Honan - keys/guitars/bass/vox/ideas Chris Jahnsen - drums/production/vox/ideas


sounds, noise, organics


TUNDRA is Honan n' Jahnsen Welcome to the desolation of the 21st century, where nothing is new and everything is decadent. Upon this baron landscape you will see for miles, but for miles there will be nothing. Listen and you will hear the soundscape - you will hear the TUNDRA. TUNDRA is the best thing to smack your dancing shoes since tapes become a redundant technology! Check out our latest track "Burke n' Wills"... pretty soon we're going to let you kids download it for FREE so you can CD-R IT, take it to your mates, turn it up loud, and get your dance on!! Keep your ear to the ice... peace and chaos!! D/C