Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Snowmine, Enemies, Maps and Atlases, White Denim , This Town Needs Guns

band members

Rohan Kindt - vocals, bass Robert Lee - guitar Joel Clish - guitar, vocals Tom Beh - drums


White Denim , Enemies, Toe, This Town Needs Guns, Tera Melos



Brisbane four-piece Tundra have been a well-known fixture on the club scene since 2012, renowned for infectious pop hooks, original indie grooves and a dynamic on-stage chemistry which dates back to high school friendships. Originally, hailing from different respective bands, the four-piece came together fairly seamlessly and soon realised their potential for penning bulletproof pop songs layered with rhythmic experimentation.
As public interest begun to intensify the band saw themselves playing in clubs with constantly growing crowds who connected with the bands artful yet accessible indie-pop. Further capitalising on their hype, Tundra honed in their live show through performing with some of the country’s most loved artists such as Jeremy Neale, The Cairos and Millions.
The range of musical projects, ensembles and bands the four-piece have been involved with throughout their musical career not only speaks in volume about their competency as musicians but also their motivation for exploring new exciting sounds and complex rhythms. The pairing of this expertly delivered instrumentation with Tundra’s trademark catchy lyricism have provided the foundation of a band that consistently releases unstoppable tunes that have garnered them widespread praise and an ever-growing fan base.
After a short break away from the limelight, recording with rising producer Konstantin Kersting (Morning Harvey, The Belligerents) Tundra return with ‘Tangled’, the lead single from their soon to be released EP. High energy hooks, unforgettable melodies and instantly grabbing experimentation are what provide the foundation for this next release from a band that consistently deliver.

“It’s a rare thing for a band to blend dynamic, mass-pleasing pop music with an artful and structurally complex element as well, yet that’s exactly what this progressive act manages to do.”
– Tone Deaf

Photography by AdamNOTeve