Artist info


Indie, Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Audio slave, velvet revolver, led zeppelin , incubus etc

band members

Jimmy black Yuri Baldassare Marco Sacco


Audio slave, velvet revolver, led zeppelin, black sabbath, incubus, 3 doors down, alter bridge, slash



Tuscan Turbo

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

14 Mar

The bendigo hotel

Melbourne, 3066

Collingwood vic



TuscanTurbo is made up of three blokes that just don't like things quiet. Jimmy Black (vocals)(bass), Marco Sacco (guitar) and Yuri Baldassarre (drums).

The frontman Jimmy Black has been in and out of rock groups in Victoria Australia his entire career.
Normally wielding a guitar (or something that makes noise) in bands such as Rabid Zulu and Makeshift, this is the first time that he has put away the axe and let his vocals hold there own. However, for the moment he has taken on the role as bass guitarist until a suitable maestro can be found for the bass guitar. Jimmy is the lyrics and vocal melody magician of the group.

Speaking of maestros, there's Marco. Marco is the man behind the riffs. Spending many years as a guitarist and songwriter in Italy, he has honed his skills as a passionate musician. When his group "Al di La" broke up in 2011, Marco spent a long time away from music, until finally his passion was re-kindled when he started playing again after a hiatus and met our final member of the band Yuri.

Yuri is our resident industry buff, having played in numerous outfits all over Europe this critically acclaimed and award-winning drummer comes from a very hot trail of music professionalism. Having graced some of the biggest stages in Italy, (even having a stint with the Warner Music label), he now has a mind to sink his drum sticks into Australia and hang on for a ride that we only imagine is going to be very very loud and very energetic. With Tuscan turbo the name of the game is play hard, play loud, and have fun with it!

So hold on tight!!! This will only hurt a little!

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