Artist info


Roots, Dance

Sounds like

A wild,, Rhythmical, Roller coaster!!

band members

Melani M - vocals, guitar, drums, flute. Damion Sun- didgeridoo,percussion, vocals. Obi Sun- vocals, drums and percussion


Old slave music, gospel, Latino, South American grooves, Aboriginal sounds

Unearthed artists we like

Bobby Alu, Tijuana Cartel


It all started way back on a busy street corner.....late one night...She was busking, bangin' away on the guitar, when who should walk by? ..a man..with a drum..and a twinkle in his eye...They looked each other up and down..and said... ...HI!!!!... That was the beginning of The Awesome Twosome that was soon to become a threesome. They fell in love, you see..and then got it on..ect forward a few years and we have the third member. Their son Obi. This family is what Australia is all about. Strength,originality, and great energy. This mum/dad/son trio have a talent and magnetism that draws the crowd in,as they play sometimes five the same time! With hair flinging, feet stomping, limbs flying and faces smiling, this close knit family work together with joy, passion and uplifting energy. The crowd, no matter what the age, can feel the happy atmosphere and infectious rhythms, making their live show a must see. Winner of Australia's busking championships 2009, Finalists on Australia's got Talent 2010, winner of tamworth country music festivals best busker 2011, and voted Qlds favorite street performer 2012, plus performing and headlining many festivals and events including woodford folk Fest, Byron blues, caloundra music Fest, and many others...the Twine are a family band that bring 100% original Australian music to the people!