Artist info


Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

Les Savy Fav, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode

band members

David Cleary - Singer/Songwriter/Synth, Al Collett - Guitars/Synth/Programming, Bryn Ridd - Synth, Thomas Roche - Drums


Icehouse, DFA 1979, Tears for fears


We are 3 boys and a man who in our spare time enjoy dabbling in dark and melodic movement based music. Since August 2007, we have played alongside DATAROCK (Norway), The Bravery (NYC), Young & Restless (Melb), Van She (Syd), Grafton Primary (Syd), Dardanelles (Melb) & many other talented local acts. We have also played at a few festivals, most notably at Parklife 2007.