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Pop, Electronic

Sounds like

New Order, Human League, Depeche Mode

band members

Ken Evans (vocals, programming, guitar), Georgina Emery (vocals, keyboards), Andy Walls (keyboards, synth bass, programming), Francis Tohill (drums and graphic design)


New Order, Human League, Depeche Mode

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ANGELTHEORY, Empty, The Tenth Stage


Based in Brisbane, Australia, Tycho Brahe produces electronic pop music that harks back to the '80s glory days of electro luminaries such as New Order, Human League, Depeche Mode, and Giorgio Moroder. A regular fixture on their local live music scene, the band uses vintage electronic gadgetry to produce tunes ranging from uptempo classic synthpop, to moody atmospherics, to grinding synthrock, with a blatant disregard for the latest fads and fashions in the FM pop fodder world. Taking their name from a pivotal but flawed 16th century self taught Danish astronomer (as testimony to the band's self taught "do it yourself" ethic), Tycho Brahe was founded by Ken Evans (vocals, programming, guitar) in 1993. Georgina Emery (vocals, keyboards) began taking a visible role in the band from 1995 onwards, having been involved prior to that as a behind the scenes cowriter. Revolving around these two core members, the band has had several personnel changes before settling into it's current definitive four piece line-up in 2004, with Andy Walls (keyboards, synth bass, programming) and Francis Tohill (drums and graphic design). Tycho Brahe band has toured several times within Australia sharing the stage with diverse and prominent local and international acts such as Real Life, VNV Nation, Ikon and Pseudo Echo, and has released three albums - Cassiopeia (2000), Tasty (2001) and Atlantic (2006). For news and more info visit the website