Artist info


Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

Lazlo, Astronaut, F.O.O.L, Nitro Fun, Televisor, Twothirds, Direct

band members

Karime Baylis


JAUZ, BArely Alive, Astronaut, Virtual Riot, Quest, Varient, Shotgun Radio, Blackmill, Televisor, Deadmau5, Monsterdcat Artists


Tympanic has been creating and producing EDM for 2 years and is passionate about all genres of EDM!
Tympanic has been immersed in music his whole life but only recently found his niche in creating and producing EDM. Tympanics' favourite EDM producers are JAUZ, Astronaut, Skrillex, Barely Alive, Shotgun Radio, Blackmill.
He makes a mad dash for the computer 3 times a week to check out Monstercat labels new releases!
Tympanic is 18, in his last year of school, thankfully, travels on wheels and he can be found gaming, boxing, V8s, watching movies or getting mad hair art when not ear deep in music!