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Indie, Rock

band members

watkins-drum/guitar, lake-drum/guitar, struthers-bass/studio, symons- singing


pavement, Polvo, Captain Beefheart


Based in Perth, Western Australia, Umpire was formed in 2006 as a studio songwriting and recording project, where Simon Struthers, Geoff Symons and Michael Lake had the opportunity to utilise the studio as an instrument, developing their songs without the pressures of playing as live band. The band released their first self-titled EP in 2009, which featured the standout track ‘Streamers’. ‘Streamers’ received rave reviews and achieved widespread high rotation airplay on both Triple J and community radio, as well as taking out the grand prize in the WAM Song of the Year in 2009. The founding members of Umpire (Geoff Symons, Simon Struthers and Michael Lake) have a long history in the Perth music scene, playing in many seminal progressive indie-rock bands, including Adam Said Galore, O and Hidden Shoal’s very own Mukaizake, so it was a natural progression for the band to develop their live show by adding drummer, Josh Watkins. Performing the songs live has allowed the band to tour Australia and play with many of their musical heroes, including Stephen Malkmus, Built to Spill, Paul Dempsey, The Jezebels, Sugar Army, Jebediah, Love Of Diagrams, Dan Kelly, Bob Log III and Tame Impala. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: ".....manages to completely avoid every current trend being flogged at the moment to approach a timelessness that rewards upon repeated listens." 5/5 - the "record of the year thus far no doubt" - x-press magazine "a song ('streamers') i can't get out of my head. a wonderful place to be." 5/5 - richard kingsmill, triple j "sprawling, sunshine filled indie rock... another pop gem from WA. This is great guys." 5/5 - zan rowe, triple j "geoff symons' sensitive haunted tenor is given dramatic tension by michael lake's almost narrative guitar playing, hanging back providing spidery notes in the more contemplative moments and rising to wall-of-sound sonics when an emotional wallop is needed..........(they) uncover a collision between psychedelic furs and tortoise in the closing track 'vapours wrecked your knives', blending appropriately understated post-punk crooning and hypnotic guitar/xylophone patterns. all in all, an immensely promising debut from a band definitely worth keeping an eye and ear on." 4/5 - rave magazine "there's not a dud moment here. every track has a vitality and honesty that's utterly gripping.........studied, solid and revealing a substantial knack for powerful and emotionally resonant songwriting, umpire prove how important they are to local music. one of the best local rock releases of the year, if not THE best." CD OF THE WEEK - the drum media YOU COULD BUY OUR NEW FULL LENGTH ALBUM "Now We're Active" FROM GOOD STORES OR iTUNES.