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Hip Hop

Sounds like

Mantra, Grey Ghost, 360, Drapht

band members

[UNDFINED]- Vocals, writer, production


Eminem, Dr.Dre, 360, Pez, Bliss N Eso, Grey Ghost, Mobb Deep, Royce Da 5'9', 50 Cent, Bad Meets Evil, Jay Z, Run the Jewels, Kendrick Lamar, Illy, Immortal Technique


Yo, I'm [UNDEFINED], a young rapper and producer from Melbourne. I was introduced to Eminem in 2012, that same year, I watched 8 Mile and I wanted to learn how to rap. The following year, my journey to becoming a rapper begun.
I write all my rhymes with pen and paper. I do this as I feel it's more creative and allows my thoughts to flow. My aim is to write every day, even if it's one sentence.
Hip Hop is the genre I love most, I want my songs to connect with people and tell stories about what I've experienced.
In 2017 I began to produce my own music, so another aim of mine is to incorporate my production skills whenever possible.
In 2019, I had the honour of performing alongside my homies from Dig Deep and Sisters on the Mic at the Emerging Writers' Fest and Future Echoes.

I hope you enjoy my music. Peace and Love!