Artist info


Rock, Electronic

Sounds like

Evanesence, Paramore , Divinyls

band members

Megan Barnes (vocals) & Matt Lee (guitar) with band members Anthony Lee (bass) and Stephen Barrett (drums).


Royksopp, Muse, Goldfrapp


Under The Purple Tree formed as a duo in 2008 with singer songwriter Megan Barnes, and guitarist/writer/producer Matt Lee. With an extensive repertoire of original material, the duo started by performing acoustic sets across Sydney whilst experimenting with the tracks in studio across various rock, pop, classical and electronic genres. UPT moved their home studio to Leura in the Blue Mountains for a year to focus on recording, while also regularly hosting and performing at regular local singer songwriter sessions. Moving back to Sydney, they expanded to include Anthony Lee (Bass) and Steve Barrett (Drums), showcasing their music at local venues, including regular appearances at the iconic Basement Nightclub. After taking their time to evolve their blend of rock, electronic, and acoustic sounds, UPT have finally released their first of a series of mini albums. "Resonance" focuses on some of the highest energy and emotive songs of the UPT collection, delivering an explosive first release!