Artist info



Sounds like

The Black Keys, Wolfmother, Jet

band members

Sam Wylie - Guitar/Lead Vocals Euan Lovell - Keys/Vocals Michael DeSalvo - Bass Josh Hamilton - Drums


Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks



Underwood Mayne formed as a four piece pseudo Rock’n’Roll garage band in late 2009. The combination of a naturally groovy vibe and a high energy performance using the sounds of shrieking keys, chunky messy guitar, thundering bass, practically melodic drums, and vintage style vocals attracted much attention from the rocker scene around the Gold Coast and Brisbane placing Underwood Mayne as a sizable point of interest in the region’s live music circuit. The sound and style was sculpted through creative manipulation of ideas drawn from bands such as, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Wolfmother and Led Zeppelin. After completing a successful exploratory tour of Newcastle and Melbourne it was decided amongst the band that Underwood Mayne Rock’n’Roll shall prevail at all costs! Thus they continued gigging on the Gold Coast and Brisbane while garage-recording every song they’d ever written to finally maintain a catalogued set list of over 30 complete songs. This catalogue, while vinyl-esque in quality is waiting at the ready should the opportunity for distribution and world domination arise. Underwood Mayne are well known throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane live music scene having graced such illustrious venues as the Hi-Fi, The Globe Theatre, Ric’s Bar, the Tempo and the X&Y Bar in Brisbane; The Beergarden, Neverland, Mermaid Beach Tavern, Runaway Bay Tavern and the Shark Bar on the Gold Coast. Further afield, they have played the Cherry Bar, the Espy, the Brunswick Hotel and The Pony in Melbourne and the Great Northern in Newcastle. Like most bands, Underwood Mayne has struggled to avoid work and study to continue writing and playing sweet-arse rock tunes, though jobs are needed to maintain the band’s high level of dress style, cowboy boots and sunglasses. They’re just working hard (musically only) and waiting for the break, however big, to launch them into proverbial rocknroll space… Spaceroll!..with blackjack…and hookers… spacehookers. We haven’t done much for a while… Sam Wylie: Sam arose from the more traditional musical background, which he flaunts with a debonair flair, learning to read and write music at a young age, before becoming completely taken and obsessed with 1940s delta blues and learning to sing and play guitar as such. After which he grew sideburns and wore a leather jacket. Sam sports a Hagstrom Viking guitar (the Cadillac of guitars) and plays through a Fender Deville, the rock upon which all electric blues was built. Euan Lovell: He’s the level head and soft side to the band. Euan keeps the raggedness of the rest of the band structured and directed. He’s a big cuddly teddy bear who will stop the others from completely wrecking hotel rooms, should the opportunity to stay in one ever arise… Euan bashes a fancy Nord Electro 3 Keyboard through a Roland amp. Michael De Salvo: Is fuzzy in every conceivable presentation of the word. He is also completely baritone in every way (musically and just generally). He draws influence from such bands as The Raconteurs, Wolfmother and most broken bass equipment. i.e. really deep and fuzzy. He rocks a 1980s Greco Lawsuit Bass because he’s too poor to buy a proper Rickenbacker. Josh Hamilton: The supposedly older and wiser member of the band keeps the chaos flowing in the same direction. He plays a big, pretty Ludwig kit with shiny cymbals and a cowbell. Influenced by the likes of Motely Crue and pub rock from his Old Man, he maintains a diverse range of drumming techniques, tying the high energy retro rock sound together.