Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Gogol Bordello, Mr Bungle, Frank Zappa, Primus

band members

Max Schollar-Root (guitar, keys, vocals, production), Niki Shi (vocals), Ben Reah (drums), Lindsay Miller (bass), Matty Lee (saxophones), Ingrid Homburg (violin), Brendan Jones (trumpet), Josh Gluck (clarinet), Pete Edney (flute).


Beats Antique, Gogol Bordello, Mr Bungle, Frank Zappa



Hold onto your hats as Ungus Ungus Ungus, Australia’s premier peddlers of vaudevillian psychedelia, strap you in for a rollercoaster ride of dance and mayhem. This is carnivalesque party music for the creatively inclined, traversing territory from high energy dance beats and bass to swing, jazz and hip-hop. Featuring mind-tickling on-stage antics and a bold visual presence, their cosmic circus is on a mission to make you boogie, gawp and expand your perceptual horizons.

2018 saw the release of Ungus camp’s fifth album, The Cosmic Carnival Part II: Ascension. Picking up where 2016’s The Cosmic Carnival left of, this newest album that sees the band venture deeper on their exploration of future/vintage sounds. Incorporating a fusion of rich acoustic instrumentation with electronic grooves and the familiar mix of genre-bending party music, incisive concepts and the sounds of the carnival, it captures the band’s versatility and stylistic diversity, as well as their irrepressible creativity.

Ungus Ungus Ungus features a flexible lineup ranging from a large live band to a smaller soundsystem ensemble emphasising electronic production in tandem with live musicians. This has made them a favourite of both the electronic and folk festival circuits, with their theatrical bent taking them into the performing arts and circus worlds. Their list of appearances includes internationally regarded festivals across Australia and New Zealand, including Rainbow Serpent, Luminate, Port Fairy Folk, Illawarra Folk, Wangaratta Jazz, Hamilton Gardens Arts and the Western Australian Circus Festival, alongside a host of immersive parties and events.

With origins in facilitating and playing some of Sydney’s longest running underground events over the last decade, the Ungus camp are firmly rooted in grassroots musical culture and delight in collaborative co-creation. This tendency manifested in 2015 as the emergence from Ungus HQ of their Melbourne-based studio and label, Bandhaus.