Artist info


Punk, Metal

Sounds like

Plasmatics, The Distillers, Schlongholsta

band members

Vocals - B dubba E, Bass - Jim Bob, Drums - D Dawg, Guitar - Al


Plasmatics, The Distillers, Alice Cooper


The Unprettier Brisbane have been performing live together the last few years and have transformed from a flat out punk band, to a dynamic ensemble of punk, metal and other influences. With their third drummer on the run, The Unprettier has stepped up their game, still being the only band in Australia to have performed a live suspension during a performance while teamed up with Waylay Suspensions – And there’s much more where that has came from! Now working on the follow up album to “Unpretties For You”, as well as a slew of clips, the band are heading towards some further touring around Australia’s east coast, as well as Japan in late 2014! Swallow back, yo! Its gonna be a wild ride!