Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Shirley Muldowney, The Stooges, MOTORHEAD, Red Aunts, Babes in Toyland

band members

Boots - vox / bass Kate - vox / drums Matty - vox / guitar


Tequila, Beer, Utes



UTE ROOT have reappeared out of the wastelands of early 2019 with Hey Miho, a ripping Motörhead-flavoured banger built for speed, not comfort. It's a red hot fuel-injected nightmare-ride on a road to nowhere, and you'd better hold on to your ASS!

After hitching a ride on tour with the Cosmic Psychos after the release of their first single 'Ketamine Queen’, UTE ROOT went bush. Beers were sank, responsibilities shirked, and the song 'Hey Miho' was written in a sweaty shed on a blistering 40-degree day, surrounded by gym equipment, a broken KISS CD and vintage Psychos memorabilia. 

A mutual love of chaos and cinema led to the conception of a fictional Grindhouse-esque movie trailer, and thus the clip for the single was born. Conceived, written, and produced by the band themselves, UTE ROOT have raised (or lowered) the bar for all clips to come. With all the trappings of a lost Tarantino flick, the raw edges of 'Repo Man' and the hammy camp of ‘Class of 84', 'Hey Miho' is likely to blow your face right off.