Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Shirley Muldowney, The Stooges, Kyuss if they were drunk, Red Aunts, Babes in Toyland

band members

Boots - vox / bass Kate - vox / drums Matty - vox / guitar



UTE ROOT blasted out of the gates of a sleepy Melbourne suburb in late 2016, playing explosive live gigs and leaving a trail of broken drum sticks, sweat and empty cans in their wake. Ever ambitious, the band recorded its raucous, self-titled garage rock EP in Tokyo in 2017, doing musical burnouts around Japan and America's east coast that same year.

2018 saw the release of 7" single, Ketamine Queen, and it's demented, nightmarish film clip, directed by Walking Dead and Better Call Saul director Larysa Kondracki. Happy Mag declared the song to be "a blistering slab of crunching guitars and gritty vocals that’ll kick you right in the teeth."

The release garnered comparisons to PJ Harvey, Black Mountain and the Pixies, and led to an Australian tour with the Cosmic Psychos, shows with Magic Dirt, an appearance at the legendary River Rocks festival and a live to air performance on Melbourne radio 3PBS.

Kate, Matty and Bootsy are now writing a full-length album and revving engines for 2019.