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Electronic, Indie

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Hayden Carter, Trent Benson


Being Unique, Experimental, Different


V Is For, originally created by Hayden Carter as a solo project has grown into a slightly bigger project. A friend of Hayden's, also known as "Needs More D" who Hayden has known for many years as now joined "V Is For". Trent Benson has been in a band with Hayden when they were younger. Playing metal/hard rock. They have also made an acousic band called The Paper Harvest, but after being on Hiatus for a few years, The Paper Harvest was no more. Given the backgrounds both Hayden and Trent have, their music tastes are very much similiar and this is what makes V Is For, stand out more than alot of other artists we hear today. The music is very chilled, yet have complex lyrics. You really have to listen to the songs, for what has been said, as there are puzzles to be figured out. Hayden's taste in music is heard throughout the music produced by V Is For and Trent's, are heard through the way he writes his lyrics.


Raging Calm

09 Mar 2012


Great tune! I Lo...

Great tune! I Love It!

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ohh yea

07 Mar 2012


Cool sound mate,...

Cool sound mate, relaxed and chilled out , quite likeable. I enjoyed it ,looking forward to more

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