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Sounds like

Ry Cooder, Leonard Cohen

band members

Tracey Stride, Slim Pickens, Barry Farrier



Biography - Val Ockert

Cartoonist, children’s book author and multi-instrumentalist Val Ockert has been a natural songwriter since his early teens. With a voice that could lift the roof off a church and with his guitar, banjo or 10-string Bolivian charango he crafts powerful, soaring melodies with global imagery. As well he plays piano, mandolin and bodhran.

Influenced by Irish music, alternate Country, 1950’s waltz, jazz and folk he often brings together an eclectic mix of talented musicians to soothe the hear in a troubled world.

Val is accompanied by Tracey Stride on keyboard, banjo and charango. On their first album, “Lane Hog Mind with a Timid Heart”, Val and Tracey are joined by Slim Pickins on vocals, upright bass, guitar, guitar, organ and percussion, Dr. Baz (Barry Ferrier on lead guitar and accordion, with Neil McCann on drums.

Now is the perfect time to hear Val’s serenades of love and fatalism. He is the Master of Tenderness…an absolute ‘must-see’ live!

“Song-writing is a catharsis, an involuntary urge to resolve the muddle. If the listener is soothed by one song, one lyric or even one not then honesty has triumphed”. Val 2017