Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Deftones, thrice, Defeater

band members

Phil: Guitars/Vox Doug: Bass/Vox Scott: Drums


Queens Of The Stone Age, Dillinger escape plan, Deftones


After releasing a debut EP in late 2010 the release their of debut LP 'Departure'. in 2012, Valiant Jones have had some down time but are now actively writing their next release. In the mean time they have released "Heartless Heart (this means war)' as a one off single. A film clip was also produced where front man Phil Meakin is abducted and has he dreadlocks hacked off. Wasn't all in vein, as Meakin raised $3000 for the charity Beyond Blue. What other people said: "As far as metal/post hardcore sounds go they seem to be onto something a bit different, that takes a lot of different elements and manages to come out sounding impressively cohesive. Clearly, main songwriter Phil Meakin has a keen awareness of common pitfalls in contemporary metal, and how to avoid sounding derivative and cliché." " not afraid to let people know who is musical influences are with these songs, however the way that the structures and ideas are brought together is something extremely original, almost like a nod to those who came before quickly followed by a “here's how to do it better.” -