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Hip Hop, Rock

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band members

Simon Cordova, Matty Irwin


Gorillaz, Kanye West



The Vally Val Collaboration was formed with the intention of collaborating with artists influenced by different genres in order to create a unique sound. Matty and Simon are the main artists who participate in the song writing and recording. Artists like Sabrina Lim-How (RnB influenced) and Slade Griffin (Metal influenced) have also contributed to the upcoming album 'Don't Worry Bout Us' set to be released on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play early 2018. A couple of tracks from the album will be available on Triple J Unearthed, as a sneak peak of whats to come. The single 'All Mine' was released last year with the music video racking almost 10k views on YouTube. It has been a long year, but the album is finally here. All songs by The Vally Val Collaboration were produced by Simon Cordova.