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Mikey Wulff - Lead Vocs Phil Monteperto - Lead Guitar Carlos Pedro - Bass Simon Harrison - Drums / Backing Vocs


Valorous Dredd are far more than a rock fusion band, drawing similarities to those grungy elements from 90โ€™s favorites including Faith No More, Filter and Blind Melon.

Coming to fruition in the city of Brisbane, the four-piece band have recently changed their lineup, welcoming lead singer Mikey Wulff to the forefront and Carlos Pedro to the bass. Whilst in rotation in the past, the new lineup has turned heads through their stage presence and new musical direction.

Led by his grungy riffs reminiscent of nostalgic bands, lead guitarist Phil Montaperto has received international airplay and was nominated for the New Zealand Silver Scroll Awards for his work with Monty and the Big Space Jellyfish.

Tight back beats and keeping it simple is what drummer Simon Harrison does best, not to mention supporting the likes of Frenzel Romb and Shihad; no new comer to the stage

Their newest single โ€˜5 Minutesโ€™ encapsulates the sound of summer, and while alternate to their other material, stays true to their roots. Valorous Dredd have been met with raving reviews, claiming to be one of the best up and coming fusion bands from Brisbane.