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Electronic, Pop, Rock

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Jame Strezov and Liv Gritten


Icon For Hire, Broods, Chvrches



VEIINS is an electronic pop duo based in Newcastle, Australia, and is comprised of vocalist/songwriter Liv Gritten and Guitarist/producer Jame Strezov. The duo independently released their debut single, Thief in Your Head, in August 2016 as an experiment in combining elements of their respective rock and metal roots with a more contemporary and accessible electronic sound. The track, which has been described as 'industrial electronic', features powerful vocals and a modern rock guitar lead over gritty synth hooks. Thief in Your Head was followed shortly by an equally industrial-grunge themed music video produced by Josh Holliday (Holliday Music) which garnered over 9k views in its first week of release through Newcastle Live. Now, VEIINS are steering their music into even more contemporary waters, taking influences from upbeat, syth-driven bands such as Chvrches and Broods to create an assertive pop sound. While navigating the ends of both of their long-term first loves over the summer of 2016/2017, VEIINS knuckled down in Jame's home studio, Studio 1618, (with intermittent breaks featuring strong cups of tea and no small amount of gossiping) to compile demo's of songs Liv had written throughout the course of her first relationship. Sifting through the pages of brutally honest lyrics, originally written for purely personal expression, the pair narrowed down the tracks to a handful that captured the three-and-a-half year story; from the giddy highs of falling for the first time to the ache of losing a partner. Over the last few months, VEIINS have teamed up with producer, Huw Jones (Fox Control), mix/master engineer, Allon Silove (90 Degree Studio) to work on their second single, This Mess, due for release on the 17th of May.