Artist info



Sounds like

As i Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, The Devil Wears Prada

band members

Jaime-lee - vocals, Josiah Malouf - guitar/clean vocals, Shrinkly - bass, Joshua Farmborough - guitar, Johnny Mac - drums


As i Lay Dying, August Burns Red, War of Ages


Move side to side, and run around in square pits for Brisbane's THE VEIL, (formally known as 'Wings of the Plague" and Shoot Down the Gunner"; a Christian/Metalcore band with a skull crushing, life transforming sound. All 5 members have a great passion for GOD, for METAL, and for LIFE! T.V have a heart for young people and eagerly seek open windows through which their music can make a positive impact on the Australian music scene. The T.V crew draw on their varying influences to create a sound that is uniquely metal, and directly from the heart. THE VEIL are simply; 'what you see is what you get': just 4 average guys and, a GIRL, who love to create, explore, and challenge the issues and sterotypes of todays society, in order to shed some positive light on the Australian music scene.