Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

The Butterfly Effect, karnivool, Incubus

band members

Andrew Butler - Vocals Peter Fisk - Guitar Leighton Cauchi - Drums/Percussion Tom Haeusler - Guitar Oliver Kirby - Bass


karnivool, Dead letter Circus, Incubus


Velocet is an emerging prog-rock band from Sydney. Created with the desire to produce captivating music and resonating lyrics, this dynamic 5 piece grabs your attention. The music features melodic lead guitar solos, thumping bass, technical drumming and emotional vocals, with influences including Karnivool, Butterfly Effect and Incubus. The band has played a variety of gigs around Sydney, such as the Hifi, the Metro and a variety of headlining and supporting gigs in between. Velocet is looking towards the future with a ‘play to as many people as possible’ ethos and working towards playing shows around Australia and releasing new music.