Artist info


Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Killers, Atlas Genius, Birds of Tokyo

band members

Gabriel Vargas - Vocals, Jason Millar - Guitar/Keys, Jared Campbell - Bass Guitar/Synth, Les Stuart - Drums



Veludo are an Australian alternative rock band formed in 2012. They are a group of four like-minded souls with a ferocious dedication to music that has seen them converge on the city of Melbourne from opposite sides of the country. Gabriel O'Brien, Jason Millar and Les Stuart moved from Perth with their former band in 2011, whilst Jared Campbell made the move from Tasmania in early 2013 after parting ways with his previous band. Veludo is the Portuguese word for Velvet, which reflects both the heritage of Brazilian born singer Gabriel, and the textured feel of the band's sound. Gabriel is a powerful and charismatic front-man, with a gift for strong and memorable melodies. His distinct and captivating vocals express lyrics, which are a reflection of life and positive spirituality. Gabriel arrived at music later in life after completing a Degree in Psychology and injury cut short a promising football career. The tragic loss of his father in 2009 was the catalyst for reassessing his priorities and Gabriel has since dedicated himself to music and the art of song-writing like a man on a mission. Jason's path has been a long and winding road. He is the elder statesman of the group and has played in many bands both in Australia and the UK. He has a unique guitar sound that is instantly recognisable yet always evolving. He combines this with his skills as a producer and keys player to create stunning sonic landscapes, which meld seamlessly with Gabriel's lyrics and melodies to create the Veludo sound. Jared has found the freedom to shine in Veludo. His bass playing underpins the songs and brings an impeccable sense of rhythm to the band, adding a dimension that takes the songs to another level. Jared's arrangement skills and knowledge of music in all its forms, compliment the song writing process. He has over ten years of performance experience in the original music scene in addition to a Bachelor Degree in contemporary music. Les moved to Australia from Pretoria, South Africa in 2008 and brings some of these roots to his drumming. His thundering toms give weight and colour to the songs and his backing vocals are an integral part of the vocal harmonies present in Veludo's music. It is the combination of these four individuals that is Veludo, each part working symbiotically to create a sound that is both organic and otherworldly, with the ability to transcend genre and take the listener on a journey. A hard working live band with a singular vision to continually create music that matters. Veludo have recently recorded 2 songs with renowned ARIA award winning producer Jimi Maroudas at Sing Sing South. The first single, "Awaken" was released as a free download in July 2013.