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Rock, Roots

band members

Jonny – lead vox, rhythm guitar
James – lead guitar, vox
Hugh – bass, vox
Gooch - drums, vox


Blues Rock



Sculpting their sound from long nights out, hung-over days in, and their parents' old vinyl records, The Vernons distil everything that the sepia-toned nostalgia of the vinyl age reflects with a distinctly modern blues-rock sensibility.

Written about the challenges of the human spirit, rising against adversity and beating the expectation of under-achievement, 'To The Sky' is an old favourite to frequent Vernons gig-goers and was one of the first songs the four-piece played as a band. Most importantly, it lets frontman Jonny Nyst use his pipes the way they were made to – loud and rock 'n’ rollin’.

With Musicians Hall of Fame inductee Louie Shelton, who's worked with Elvis and Michael Jackson, producing the album and a sky-high vibe from the Sunshine State locals, expect astronomical things!

“We love the studio – the experimentation, the collaboration. It gets a bit tense sometimes, but that’s when the best work happens”

Brace yourselves for what’s to come: The Vernons aren’t stopping anytime soon.

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27 Sep 2014


Great track. If this is anything to go by, Volume II should be awesome

Great track. If this is anything to go by, Volume II should be awesome