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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Girls, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Best Coast

band members

Kat Winduss - vocals/guitar/Ukelele, Edwin Jungwirth - guitar/vocals, Gordon Blake - vocals/sitar/guitar/flute/trombone, Tom Jungwirth - Bass, Matt Yates - drums/hair


Blitzen Trapper, pavement, The Kinks


A Vicuna is a small llama like creature, found in South America. A vicuna coat is a coat made from the fur of the Vicuna. Vicuna Coat are a 5 piece band from Melbourne that can be described as quirky, catchy and somewhat twisted. They have been playing together for 11 years, being unable to split over artistic differences given the incestuous family nature of the band. Live shows consist of an eccentric range of material but after years of performing together, all songs sound uniquely their own. Gordon Blake (Vox/Guitar/Sitar/Trombone/Flute) plays in The Bedroom Philosopher and has also recorded with The Triangles, Go Go Sapien, The Boats & Van Walker. Matt Yates (Drums) plays in The Aitches and also in Australia's best and only quasi-punk-ukelele-covers duo with Kat Winduss (Vox/Guitar/Ukelele). Vicuna Coat recently headed into the studio to be recorded by Gus Franklin (Architecture in Helsinki), and now have a nice shiny 5 track ep to their name (2 of the tracks have been uploaded to JJJ unearthed on 28/01/2012). Inspired by red wine, a pool table and a neurotic dog, Vicuna Coat have a tasty and unique perspective on the world, trying to get people to have fun, and waxing lyrical on the character flaws that led to their ex-drummer's ex-girlfriend's need to sever relations with the curly haired half-forward. Confused yet? Welcome to Vicuna Coat. It's what they do best. With big smiles. Recent Live Reviews - 15/11/2011 - 30/12/2010 -