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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Motor Ace, Snow Patrol, Feeder

band members

Chris Collins - vocals, guitar; Marcus Beaumont - guitar; Mitchell Serena - keys, vocals; Joel Geering - bass; Daniel Hunt - drums, vocals


Motor Ace, Lo-Tel


Straight up, the view is unashamed pop/rock to get you moving inside and out. Have a listen and see what you think... From quiet beginnings in 2005, the view have since plastered their name across the Australian scene through their debut recording, "Delicate Girl EP", regular gigs around Australia headlining and supporting the likes of Switchfoot (USA), Brooke Fraser (NZ), and Kisschasy, and gaining commercial airplay across the nation. One thing: keep your eyes and ears open for THE VIEW. Who said "pop" was a dirty word?? w: w:



03 Mar 2008


this song captur...

this song captures a strong emotional chain in the lyrics and instrumental side of things... this song has sent tingles up my spine and left me singing the song over and over again in my head... the view (planet of the stereos) have wriiten alot of other songs and i love all of them, this band ARE my influence... therefore i give them a massive 5 out of five i would give them more if more stars were available...

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03 May 2007


Beautiful catchy...

Beautiful catchy tunes with good depth in the lyrics and amazing vocals. I heard these guys do an acoustic gig at exoday o6 and was drawn right in by the quality of the vocals and the cruisy feel, I was almost disappionted when I bought the ep cause their live set was so good.

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Reviewed by the watt riot the watt riot

22 Feb 2007


has the potentia...

has the potential to become the next motorace. whatever happened to that band anyway?

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