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Sounds like

Darkthrone, Arcturus, Cradle of Filth

band members

Written, Performed, Mixed and Mastered by Tom G.


Fenriz, David Lynch, Trent Reznor

Unearthed artists we like

NO NO NO NO NO, Alkira (Metal), Voros, Johnny Hunter


Vile Crone is a solo black/doom/death metal project based in Adelaide, Australia. Written, recorded, and produced by Tom G. Vile Crone started as a hobby, a non-musician seeing how far he could get mucking around with his old broken guitar and computer. Tom G. is also an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer, thus Vile Crone is truly a solo effort in audio, visual, and beyond.

Inspired by Darkthrone, Arcturus, Cradle of Filth, Type O Negative, David Lynch, NIN, and Dark Souls.

Written, Performed, and Produced by T.G.